Student Ministry


(Kinder-5th grade)

Our Grace Kids' area is upstairs, and is designed like a jungle! Your kids are sure to have a wild time, while learning the teachings of the Bible. 

College & Career


Just because school may be behind you, doesn't mean you stop learrning. Whether pursuing higher education or embarking on your career, there's plenty left to learn.

Sr. High


Our Senior High class meets on Wednesdays. High school is a tumultuous ride, this class serves to help smooth the path.

Jr. High


Our Junior High class meets on Wednesdays. This class cultivtes the support system that is so vital to young teens making the transition through middle school.


(0-3 years)

We know your kids are your first priority. That's why we make them ours, too.

All of our children's staff are CPR-certified and subject to a background check. The nursery is located across the hall from the auditorium. 

Adult Sunday School 

10:00 AM

Sunday Celebration

11:00 AM

Sunday, Grace Kids

11:00 AM

Wednesday Teaching

7:00 PM

Wed. Student Ministry 

7:00 PM

Join Us!

Sunday Morning: We'd love to have you.

  Grace Ministries is a community of Christ followers who fellowship and celebrate together the Good News of Jesus Christ. We are always striving to spread the joy of the Lord and better serve our community. 

Whether you're young, old, single, married, single again, with or without children – no matter what your background is, join us and experience the difference at Grace.

First Steps

Our First Steps Sunday is for our guests who are interested in meeting with our pastors and staff and getting more closely acquainted with our community. It takes place after service on the first Sunday of every month with lunch.

Next Steps

Our Next Steps Sunday is for our guests who are looking to become more involved with us. This is a luncheon, on the third Sunday of each month, in which we articulate our mission and give you an opportunity to explore where you can best fit in @Grace.


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